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Here at The Lavender Hytta our goal is to spread knowledge so that each and every family can achieve it's maximum wellness one step at a time. Our values at The Lavender Hytta are:
  • to get back to our roots
  • to cook real and healthy meals
  • to embrace the koselig lifestyle
  • to embrace simplicity
  • to explore the wild around us
  • to continually learn and read
  • to use what nature provides
  • to celebrate and recognize the small things in life
  • to spark passion to live a healthy life
  • to serve and support

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Introducing The Ultimate Chic Holiday Planner

Are you prepared for the holiday season or are you already feeling stressed and overwhelmed? The holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming because of all the things we think we have to do. The family get-togethers, Christmas parties, prepping, decorating, cooking and baking, shopping, and ... VIEW POST

Easy Tips to Start Meal Planning Right Now

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The Best Fall Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

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Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve- a New Side of Dubai

Agness and Cez, travellers and bloggers of, have visited countries all over the world, gaining new experiences in many of them. This time, they decided to show us a totally different side of a place, that is usually associated with luxury and abundance. It is obviously Dubai, with its ... VIEW POST

How to Make Sure Your Kids Love Going to School

Schooling is the foundation for a future which is prosperous and successful. Every parent wants to ensure that their child’s future is as good as it can be. Sometimes getting your kids excited to go to school can be quite a tough task, for others, this comes naturally.  Developing a love for school ... VIEW POST